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Brand These White Label Videos As Your Own & Sell For 100% Profits. Plus You Can Repurpose The Videos, Images & Transcripts For Multiple Income Streams.

What exactly are White or Private Label Rights?

“Private label or white label rights products allow you to legally claim (exact terms are always spelled out in the actual license) yourself as the creator & depending on the terms of the product license, you can edit, repurpose and sell as you see fit – all without doing any of the hard work of research & production.” Steve Dougherty

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Dear Fellow Internet Entrepreneur,

How would you like to make an online income starting today? No matter how many different income streams I have, the majority of my income is from selling my own products.

  • No waiting for commission checks
  • Complete control of the sales process
  • Keep 100% of each sale
  • Promote myself as the ‘authority’
  • Hire affiliates to work for me instead of me being someones affiliate


The problem for most people is that creating your own product is very time-consuming & that is if you know what you are doing.

  • Time Consuming & Costly: Recording your own videos – DONE FOR YOU
  • Time Consuming & Costly: Crafting your website & thank you page – DONE FOR YOU
  • Time Consuming & Costly: Designing or outsourcing your graphics – DONE FOR YOU
  • Time Consuming & Costly: Writing your sales letter – DONE FOR YOU
  • Time Consuming & Costly: Creating or buying your bonus offers – DONE FOR YOU


The cost of researching, recording, editing and producing your videos is expensive and even more costly if you decide to outsource this task.

Then you have to write the sales letter, put together the sale page, the download page the graphics and so much more.

So if you are like my past and current customers that want a solid set of training videos with a proven track record to outsell the competition AND you don’t want to spend the time and effort to create the product, then you owe it to yourself and your customers to hit the buy now button.

WebMaster Blaster cPanel Training Videos PLR

My name is Steve Dougherty & I’ve been creating training videos since 2008.

There is a very good chance you have already seen some of my videos or heard my voice and that is because I am the one that makes a lot of gurus life much easier.

I’ve created hundreds of white label (PLR) training videos so I know exactly the hard work involved in putting together a video product for resale.

So instead of you shelling out hundreds or thousands of dollars to outsource your project or spend weeks or months doing the work yourself, let me do the heavy lifting for you.

Introducing WebMasterBlaster cPanel Training Videos WebMasterBlaster Product Bundle Image

These videos provide you with detailed ‘Over-The-Shoulder’ style step-by-step tutorials that leave no technical stone un-turned.

WebMasterBlaster cPanel Training videos are your GEEK-SPEAK-FREE Video Guides That You Can Brand & Call Them Your Own Creation.

Here Is A Sampling Of The WebMasterBlaster cPanel Training Videos

  • You can See it – You can Do it! Over the shoulder style video training.
    Every video comes with a transcript for added learning power.
  • Ez to consume bite-sized nuggets of knowledge.
    A combined 120+ minutes of video training delivered in bite sized pieces.
  • Discover the ease of creating your own MySQL database.
    Video 16 shows you what a Cron Job is & how to make one.
  • Do you know the difference between Addon, Sub & Parked Domains? Video 15 spills the beans.
    Secure your stuff with video 14 and password protected directories.
  • I show you how to create your own email address, email forwarder & email filter and why you need them.
    Different web hosting services have different cPanel options – I show you in these videos.


When you open your cPanel do you:

Wish they offered more detailed video tutorials? Fear that clicking on the wrong button will destroy your website? Want someone to show you how to create an email address for your website? Wish that someone would just walk you through each segment of cPanel?

Worry No More – You Have Found The Answer!

Whether you are a new or a seasoned online business owner you still need to address the technical side of your business.

This comprehensive set of cPanel training videos are the answer you are looking for.

Yes these training videos are guaranteed to remove the difficulties and the fear of using the various panels of your cPanel control panel but these training videos also allow you to brand them as your own creation.

IDEA!! Do you offer or plan to offer web hosting to your clients?

These how-to videos will educate your clients & answer their questions on the various parts of their cPanel control panel that they would otherwise be flooding your support department with.

Add these videos to your support knowledge base and/or add them to your web host members area. Both of these will save you time & money that you would spend on manually answering your clients cPanel related questions.

Every little thing you can provide your web hosting clients to keep them happy will keep them with you longer.

These Videos Will Are What You Are Looking For! Hopefully you are not of the mindset that since you budgeted for someone to do the techie stuff for you (Your Web master), that you do not have to worry about these things – because that is what you pay your webmaster to do.

Well Think About This.. While hiring someone to do the work for you will save you time (If You Can Afford It), if you do not know how to do the work yourself then..

1. The person you hire can easily be robbing you blind AND not doing what needs to be done.

2. You will forever be enslaved to the people you hire and having to pay whatever they demand otherwise your business will stop when they leave.

So What Is The Answer To Managing All The Technical Stuff For Your Online Business?

“WebMasterBlaster cPanel Training Videos” Is The Answer!

webmasterblaster my-offer image

High-Quality High-Definition 1280×720 Source File Videos

You Won’t Hear Any ‘UM-BUTS’ Or ‘BUT-UMS’ In These Videos

22 brandable white-label videos that walk you through the cPanel control panel and the major applications inside.


1. Intro To cPanel Time – 5:44



2. Preferences Panel Time – 4:39


3. Mail Panel Time – 7:42


4. Files Panel Time – 7:55


5. Logs Panel Time – 5:16


6. Security Panel Time – 8:25


7. Domains Panel Time – 7:24


8. Database Panel Time – 5:47


9. Software & Services Panel Time – 5:41

10. Advanced Panel Time – 7:39


11. How To Create Email Forwarders Time – 2:08

12. How To Create Email Filters Time – 7:25

13. How To Create MySQL Databases Time – 6:44


14. How To Create Password Protected Folders Time – 2:53


15. The Difference Between Addon, Sub & Parked Domains Time – 2:41


16. How To Create Cron Jobs Time – 4:29


17. How To Create Custom Error Pages Time – 5:33


18. How To Change cPanel Password – 2:11


19. Changing cPanel Contact Info – 1:50


20. What Is A Spoofed Email – 3:00


21. How To Enable SPF In cPanel – 7:27

22. How To Login Into Webmail 2:48

Along With The Camproj + AVI Source File Videos Are The Two Web-Ready MP4 & M4V (for iPods) Formats In Both White Label AND Non-White Label PLUS Audio Transcripts For ALL 22Videos:

webmasterblaster white label and non-white label splashscreen images

webmasterblaster icons of what is included image

Here is a link to the Sales Page – You also receive the PSD source files for the sales page so you can edit the graphics if you like. Click Here For The SamplSales page (opens in new window) I also include an un-branded Sample Video for you to use as well.

Why Are These PLR Videos A MUST HAVE Set Of Training Videos?

  • You will discover new tips, tricks & shortcuts that will save you TIME AND MONEY
    You can quickly brand them as your own creation & be seen as an authority on the topic
  • You can resell them & keep 100% of the profit.
    You can resell as-is or edit the videos as little or as much as you want.

(I include almost an hour of additional video training on editing your videos)

WebMaster Blaster cPanel Training Videos PLR

“This looks like another fantastic Private Label Rights product Steve, but can you tell me more about how these can make me more money?”

These are PLR videos so you can do ALL, SOME or just ONE of the following and begin making money right away?

  • Sell the web-ready videos as they are RIGHT NOW!
    Edit or customize the graphics (PSD files included) for your own ‘look’
  • Convert the transcripts into an eBook PDF and sell as a low ticket item with the videos as a high ticket upsell.
    Add the videos to another PLR set of similar videos (White Label PLR Videos Volume 02) and sell as a Monster Money Making Product.
  • Create DVDs and sell as a physical product on Amazon and eBay.
    Add check lists, mind maps and after creating DVDs you can package this set into a high ticket home study course.

With a little imagination you can come up with several more golden opportunities like using the transcripts to re-record the audio and combine or split up some of the videos…

Remember that these are just a few ideas AND you are NOT LIMITED on how many of these you do!

Check Out What My Previous Customers Think:

“Useful To The Very Basic User All The Way To The Advanced”

“Steve at PLR Video Direct not only provides excellent video tutorials for his customers, but also provides a high level of customer service.

The videos are great because they provide information that is useful to the very basic user all the way to the advanced.

The content is great and so is the presentation. Clean, concise and easy to follow are all things I think of when watching these tutorial videos.

Steve provides excellent customer service as well. After purchasing my first video series from Steve, I asked if it would be possible for him to upload them to my Amazon S3 bucket.

After a couple of quick emails back and forth, the files were transferred. Amazing! This is NOT just an online shop selling old, tired plr videos. Steve is the man!”

Corey B.

“Steve’s Videos Are Such That They Really Drive The Points Home Of The Topics He Is Teaching”

“To any and all who are looking for a great way to offer training to clients and/or to a membership site or even just getting much need training for one’s self then we here at NuEranet highly recommend Steve Dougherty from PLR Video Direct. Steve’s videos are such that they really drive the points home of the topics he is teaching and they are very personable and pleasant to watch and listen to.

They are of a caliber that we don’t hesitate is in recommending the use of the videos for whatever purpose you find you need. Steve is always helpful whenever we contact him about any questions and this we value highly. We give him A+ rating.”

NuEranet Consulting

“It’s Obvious That He Wants His Customers To Succeed”

“Personally I’ve learned some valuable skills from Steve’s videos.

He’s very thorough and takes the viewer step-by-step.

Now, I’m taking these skills and using the PLR videos to start my own business.

He also provides training to show how to get the most out of a PLR license and create a unique product.

I especially appreciate the fact that he’s not only willing to answer questions, but eager to do so. It’s obvious that he wants his customers to succeed.”

Karen D.

“Steve Emulates What Customer Service Is All About!”

“I let my fingers do the walking and found Steve’s videos.

I sent him an email asking a few questions, and not only did I get a response in about 2 hours, the additional information he provided was absolutely awesome.

Long story short, I purchased his Amazon S3 video’s and information he provided in my emails BEFORE I purchased, and all the videos and awesome suggestions he provided,

I had all 400+ videos uploaded before I went to bed. Amazing quality, and amazing INFORMATION. I definitely will purchase many more of Steve’s products”.

Allen L.

“Videos Of Excellent Quality”

“An email to Steve asking if another download link could be obtained resulted in a reply within two hours providing not only a download link but also a personalized video showing how to use Amazon S3 as a backup for my files.

Additionally, Steve offered to transfer the videos to my new S3 account, an offer I gratefully accepted.

To top it off he also found the details of two previous purchases I had made and transferred them also.

Videos of excellent quality, audio pleasant to listen to, and a relaxing and at times humorous presentation.

And excellent customer service. I’ll be back again for more videos and I can highly recommend Steve’s products and service.”

Graeme B.

“The Help And Support To Solve My Issues Way Before I Became A Customer Was Awesome!”

“Just dropping by to say a huge thank you and its a thank you in many ways.

The help and support to solve my issues way before I became a customer was awesome, in fact I would say its second to none.

As for the products purchased?

Where do I start?

Quality? Awesome!

Delivery? Supper fast!

Aftercare? Top level!

All in all? Simply, priceless!

If there was an award for top level, high quality and awesome service or Internet marketer of the year you would get my vote for sure.

You have produced an awesome arsenal of products and topped them with nothing less than the best customer support and experience – you have a client in me for the rest of my internet marketing career that’s for sure.”

Zulfikar N.

“Steve Sets A New Level Of Excellence In Customer Support”

“Steve’s video series products are the best I have ever had the great pleasure to download and use.

His natural presentation style is very easy going and casual.

It’s a pleasure listening to him as he presents the well researched material.

Steve sets a new level of excellence in customer support. I ran into a problem and contacted him. He personally responded to my question within hours and did his best to help me. It turned out to be a problem on my PC.

I have a deep respect for this fine man and highly recommend his products. Spend the money and purchase his product. You will not be disappointed.”

Dennis M.

“Step By Step Instructions, Clear Teaching Method And Comprehensive Coverage!”

“Not only were his videos of excellent quality, but his step by step instructions, clear teaching method and comprehensive coverage of the topic in question were fabulous.

I instantly knew I had found the perfect tools for my subscribers – who are all at various skill levels in their particular businesses and would eagerly and easily consume the information he shares.

And when I had any questions about how to customize the videos, or get started with his products, the customer service with personalized videos just blew me away.”.

Danette H.

“I Can’t Thank You Enough For The Quality Of Your Products”

“Very seldom do products live up to expectations.

But your’s my friend (I hope that’s okay to call you friend?) do just that, no let me rephrase that, your products exceed my expectations.

Let me explain.

I’ve been purchasing your video tutorials but just recently got around to taking a look at them. I wanted to do my own voice over and then make them available to my local chamber of commerce to help educate them about the online world – I’m a web designer so I thought this was something I should help out with.

Along with your videos I also purchased another set from someone else.

Today I tried to use one of their videos with their own script and it was just a disaster. The guy talked so slow it was a major aggravation to try and put my voice to his video.

But not yours!

The first video I did the one on getting organized only required one take and very minor editing and bam!

I had a great video produced and ready to put online. I can’t thank you enough for the quality of your products, the hard work you put into them and the integrity you do business with.

Keep the videos coming, you’re a big help to this web designer! Thanks again.”

Craig W.

Imagine, this time tomorrow you could have your own information product making you money without having to go through all the hard work of topic research, and video production.

PLUS – I’m removing all the risk from the equation by giving you a full 30 days to kick the tires and bank the cash with my 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! 

Comes With 30 Day Money Back Guaranteewebmasterblaster money back guarantee badge

Listen: I don’t care if it’s one hour from now, or 3 weeks from now – if you ain’t happy, I ain’t happy.

Purchase right now. Try it out. If you like it, great! We exchanged a small amount of money for a large amount of value. Awesome!

If it’s not for you, don’t even give me a reason why you want your money back.

Just ask for it – and it will be returned promptly and quietly to you. Plus, we can still be friends. By the way, here is our support desk should you need to request a refund or need any product assistance at all with your purchase today.

You Risk Nothing & Gain Everything!

BUT WAIT – There Is MORE!!
You also receive these value added bonuses for TAKING ACTION NOW!


Never Before Released Training Videos on How To Setup & Use The PayPal Sandbox

The PayPal Sandbox feature is a testing environment that is supposed to act just like the real PayPal environment only with using fake accounts so no real accounts are affected during the tests you are running.

In other words, you are sending fake money to a fake account that you create in the PayPal sandbox.

Unfortunately PayPals sandbox is known for not always working the way it should.

Well, I’ve found a workaround within the sandbox environment that works perfectly when you are wanting to test a payment button – whether it is a buy now button or a subscription or even a shopping cart button.

There are 3 short “over-the-shoulder” style videos that walk you through the creation & testing process.

This way you never have to adjust and then re-adjust your product price to run tests – just play in the Sandbox!

– These are un-branded videos so you can pass them along with your other offers in addition to using them yourself.
1280×720 HD MP4 Format

10 Videos On FTP – Setup & Use

These 10 training videos I created (so they match the WebMasterBlaster voice and look) cover the setup and use of the FREE Filezilla FTP client software.

I cover setting up an FTP account in the WebMasterBlaster video 04 in the Files Panel video, so these 10 videos will be a great addition for both you AND your customers.











– These are un-branded videos so you can pass them along with your other offers in addition to using them yourself.
854×480 MP4 Format

HUGE BONUS video on How To Edit Your PLR Videos

Here is a training class on how you can take full advantage of your PLR Videos and the accompanying transcripts.

You are receiving over 50 minutes of detailed training in 7 video segments. With the video table of contents you can quickly navigate to the section you need to review.

Each segment is a ‘look-over-my-shoulder’ style of teaching so you actually see these techniques being done and not just reading about someones ideas in a PDF.

Just some of what you will discover in this bonus training:

How to easily alter the existing audio with FREE tools

How to add opening & closing screens with FREE tools

How to add your own watermark

How to create a PDF eBook from the transcripts

How to add CLICKABLE Links ONTO the videos


This bonus training alone is worth the small fee of the entire brandable cPanel training course!

Are You Ready To Add WebMasterBlaster cPanel Training Videos and the added value BONUS Videos to the income stream in your online business?

Remember, you have everything to gain and ZERO to lose with my iron-clad 100% money back guarantee!

Yes! Steve, Please Give Me INSTANT ACCESS To This Complete White Label cPanel Video Training Course!

22 1280×720 HD source video files for the cPanel Training 

22 White label web-ready mp4 video formats

22 white label web-ready (for the iPod) m4v formats

22 Non-White label web-ready mp4 video formats

22 Non-white label web-ready (for the iPod) m4v formats

22 mp3 audio files

22 Transcript files in Word doc format

Complete Marketing Package – sales & download page with psd for the graphics

Sales page editing help video 

Never before released training video on setup and use of PayPal Sandbox

17 FTP training videos

Over 50 minutes of over-the-shoulder style video training on how to edit your PLR videos.

I understand that I risk nothing and gain everything when I click on the button below and check out. For my 1 time investment I’ll receive instant access to the PLR Package Of The WebMasterBlaster cPanel Training videos.

  • I understand that by taking action & grabbing my copy of the PLR Package Of The WebMasterBlaster cPanel Training videos PLUS the BONUSES, I’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to the step-by-step video tutorials.
  • I am acting fast so please let me take advantage of this amazing offer for just $57.00 for the entire PLR Package Of The WebMasterBlaster cPanel Training video set.
  • I understand that I have a full 30-day money-back guarantee to examine my copy of the PLR Package Of The WebMasterBlaster cPanel Training videos PLUS the BONUSES.And, if, I’m not satisfied in any way, I’ll receive full and courteous refund of my purchase price right away.It is on that basis that I am clicking the secure BUY NOW button below.

One Time Investment $57.00

WebMaster Blaster cPanel Training Videos PLR

Order With Confidence On 100% Secure Servers

Your Private Label Rights License:

Webmaster Blaster Sample PLR License

Steve Dougherty mug shot

Thank you for checking out my offer!

Wishing you much success
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P.S. Remember that all the risk is on me!
Try my videos out for 30 days and if you just don’t like them then I will gladly refund every penny of your purchase.

P.P.S. If you are still on ‘the fence’ about grabbing this, just remember that you are getting Private Label Rights to all 22 videos. You are also getting all the web-ready videos & transcripts to make re-purposing as simple as 1-2-3. Plus the marketing package which includes sales copy, sales page, thank you page all the graphics and the PSD image source files as well.

P.P.P.S. If you have any questions you can email me, steve @ or you can use the Contact or Support link below and I promise to answer you in 24 hours or less. Usually it will only be a couple of hours – unless I’m sleeping.


No portion of this website can be copied without written permission from the author.

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