Creating Your Own Video

Making videos has never been easier. All you need is a webcam, or, if you want to get real fancy, a digital camera. First, you need to create a channel for your videos. This is fairly easy on YouTube. You can create an account using your G-mail account and linking it to your email.

From there, you need to figure out what kind of channel you want to have. Do you want to be make self-help, motivational videos? Do you want to create DIY (Do It Yourself) projects and crafts? Would you rather film make up videos? There is also book and film reviews as an option. You do not have to pigeon-hole yourself, of course, but having a general theme helps you figure out what videos you want to film and it also gives your audience a chance to know what to expect from your channel and your videos.

Then, you are ready to film. Make sure that you have plenty of light in your video. You want your viewers to, well, see you clearly. Some people go and buy fancy big professional lights. Others simply buy lamps from Target or Costco. Then some people just use natural light, you know, from the sun. The problem is that this option gives you a limited number of hours to film. Regardless, if it works for you, then that is totally acceptable. The kind of lights you choose, especially early on in your videos, should not bother you too much. We all start somewhere.

Afterwards, you are ready to start deciding what your video will be about. Some people write a script. Others simply outline the video. Finally, some video creators just turn on the camera, and begin talking and then edit the video later on so that the video is concise and clear. Some people create a video that is scripted. It is really up to you. As you record more videos, watch more videos, you will notice what you prefer and what you aspire to be. This is a growing process, honestly, and it is all about you discovering who you are as a video blogger or just a video maker. It will take some time, some investments, some courage, and you will be on your way to making videos regularly. The first video is the scariest, of course, but once you get the hang of it, it should be a piece of cake, really. You just have to give it a try, if you are really interested in it, and try to have fun with it. It will not be worth the time if you are not having fun. Good luck to you!

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