If you thought that selling your own products and services was the only way to monetize your WordPress website then you are in for a treat. There are many ways to monetize your site and add extra income streams that will effectively make you money while you sleep! WordPress makes it very easy to monetize your website just by installing a few appropriate plugins. It`s so easy that you could get set up in less than 10 minutes.

The simplest way to monetize a WordPress website is to add an advertising plugin such as Ad Squares Widget which allows you to place affiliate banners in your sidebar or anywhere else on your template which allows widgets. Make sure that the banners you choose to appear on your website are complimentary to the existing content of your website and something that your target market would be interested in buying. Once you`ve had your banners up for at least a month, it`s a good idea to work out which affiliate banners are bringing in the most cash from your website. Many website owners stick with the same banners all the time, even although they don`t attract any clicks and purchases, be smart about it and only have banners that are actually giving you an extra income.

Many internet marketers choose to also install a Google Adsense plugin so that their ads are specific to each pages content. There are many different places within your website that you can place these blocks including the header, before and after content and within the sidebar, however you are only allowed a maximum of three ad blocks per page. When setting up your adsense channels track which ads are giving you the most revenue, change the size and placement of ads to find the combination that gives you the maximum income possible for your website.

Pay per view is another option for monetizing your website. There are several plugins that will allow your visitor to view a limited amount of a blog post and in order to read more, they need to pay a small fee. You can also use the pay per view method for videos as well, this works well if you have created a training website with many how to videos or content posts.

A step up from the pay per view model is the membership site. These are becoming more and more popular with website owners. If creating fresh monthly content puts you off then you can create a one time payment membership site, with no pressure to add regular fresh content. There are many different membership models to suit every business within every niche that you can copy if you decide to monetize your website by creating a membership site.

These are just a few ways that you can monetize your WordPress website, implement these ideas today and you could be profiting from them in no time at all.

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