There are many reasons why you need a Facebook fanpage for your business and here are just a few of them.

Facebook has over 500 million active users and if you have a local business, the majority of people within your local area will have a Facebook account. Having a fanpage is free advertising for you and it`s a great way to keep in touch with your customers, using the platform that they are using regularly. If you are looking to expand your business into new markets and areas then having a fanpage can help you do this too. Facebook by it`s nature encourages viral marketing, which means your information is easily shared with others which is even more appealing.

You can easily link your Facebook fanpage to your website, as well as your website to your fanpage and cross promote each other. Facebook makes it very easy to connect the two, allowing your website visitors to join your fanpage from your website as well as fans from your fanpage to click through to your website.

In order to become a fan of your fanpage they need to \”like\” your page. This is a little button on the top of your fanpage with the word like on it. That triggers Facebook to start showing the content that you create on your wall to show up on your new fans newsfeed. Facebook gives this information the opportunity to go viral very easily. What this means is that when it appears on your fans newsfeed they can \”like\” the information you have just shared, which then lets all their friends see that they`ve liked your status. Even better is when a fan shares your status. Sharing your status puts your information on their wall so that their friends can see it in it`s entirety.

Like many other business owners you may just be using Facebook for personal use and don`t want to mix your business life with your personal one. That`s great because this is the whole point of Facebook fanpages. Having a fanpage allows you to post comments and network as your business rather than with your personal account.

With a Facebook fanpage you can install different applications to help you interact with your fans. You can encourage your fans to leave comments or testimonials for others to see, create events, competitions, give updated information, start discussions, share photos and videos, import your blog posts, the list is endless. Also for the more technical amongst you, you can create a \”reveal tab\” which is a hidden tab within your fanpage. The reveal tab is only visible to people who have liked your page. It`s a great way to incentivize people to like your page because behind your reveal tab you can have links to free reports or videos, discount codes, fan only competitions etc.

Facebook fanpages are the online version of word of mouth advertising. Hopefully you don`t need anymore reasons why you need a Facebook fanpage and get started with yours today.

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