There are many ways that you can use plr, here are just 3 tips on using plr articles for maximum benefit.

1. Rewrite the article for article directories and web 2.0 websites.

Often getting started writing content can be stressful so using a plr article as a starting point can take away that stress. As there will be other people using the same plr article as you, it`s a good idea to rewrite the article before using it so that it becomes unique to you, as the author. There are many different article spinning softwares on the market and once you`ve rewritten the article you can put it through this software to get many more versions of the article that you can use. You can then use this as content for your own site, article directories and all the different web 2.0 websites that you may be using to create backlinks to your main website.

2. Combine the plr articles into reports

If you have plr articles on the same subject, you can easily put them together, in a logical order and create a short report from it. With this report you can use it as a promotional tool to give away to new opt-ins subscribing to your mailing list, submit it to document sharing websites or sell it to your mailing list and site visitors. Before you do this, it`s often a good idea to edit some of the content and personalise it so that it has your voice. Another great way to personalise it, is to create an ecover for it with your branding. Adding graphics is a great idea, you can also add related photos and images within the report to make it even more unique to you. There are lots of image sites online to find just the right images for the job.

3. Repurpose the plr article into a video

You may find that there are hundreds of people using the same plr article as you, this is especially true when using free plr articles. One way to get extra mileage out of these articles is to turn them into videos. By creating videos out of your articles you can then submit them to the many video directories available online and get more viewers for your article as well as creating backlinks to your website. It is very easy to create a video from an article by inserting the article into a PowerPoint presentation and recording the screen show with software such as Camtasia. Another way to create your video is by using one of the many video to article software applications that you can easily find online.

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