Using outsourced workers to create product

Let us say that you want to write an e-book. Writing the book can require a lot of outsourced workers. There are many websites online to help you find outsourcing workers who will do a fantastic job for you. My favorite two sites are Elance and oDesk. These two sites give you access to workers who are willing to write a book with you, be your personal assistant, enter data for you, and many other tasks that you would need in your work life.

Before you jump on those sites, let me give you some pointers, some advice, if you will. First, and this is important to note, just because you are online, it does not mean that being disrespectful will help. This is particularly important since both of these sites rely on reviews. Clients and workers review one another and the higher the review, the more likely you are going to get to work. Does that make sense? So, you need to be nice to people. Other strong work habits will earn you more stars on there. I personally like to be as available as possible, as flexible as possible, and as willing to try new things as possible. There is also something crucial: be honest. If you want a person living in the same area as you do, so you do not have any time differences, say so in the application.

Make sure you are clear with your workers. You want to have the best results, right? So you need to give the clearest directions to the workers. What should they do? How should they do it? When do you want the work turned in? Do you want the contractors to be able to veer out of the given prompt? Some writers find the freedom liberating, others find it too general, so you need to make sure you are finding the right workers who can work with your style.

It is a long process and it honestly involves a lot of trial and error. It took me a while to figure out what is my working style and who I prefer to work with. Sometimes, new blood is good. You may find that you enjoy working with the same people and then suddenly you find that you need someone new, for whatever reason. As the new girl in a company, I can tell you that newbies learn fast, usually, and they have enthusiasm and dedication to meet your expectations. They can also help recommend friends on the website, too. From my experience, my coworkers on oDesk are becoming near and dear friends, and we get to do fun assignments for each client we get! Good luck.

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