WP Themes That Work Best for Affiliates

When youre an affiliate marketer, you cant just pick a great product to promote and assume the sales will come pouring in. Every detail about your site will matter from the search engine optimization you do to your persuasion abilities in the text you create.

One thing that makes a strong impact on whether or not your visitor sticks around and eventually clicks out on one of your affiliate links is the layout and features of your site. Many affiliates use blogs WordPress in particular and developers have created themes that work to your advantage.

Some people just download a WP plugin that works on most themes they are already using on their own WordPress domain, but a theme is entirely built to help you convert into sales.

There are some themes that completely give your site a new look. For example, you can turn your site into a theme that mimics the popular website Pinterest. It even helps cross promote your blog because when they click Like, it goes on their Facebook and when they repin, it repins to their own Pinterest account.

The paid affiliate WP themes that you buy are known as premium themes because theyre not free. Free themes generally have built in advertising that tends to siphon traffic and sales away from you.

A good premium WP theme will have built in theme choices for you to use. So if youre an affiliate promoting the fitness niche, you can have a blog skin reflecting that. If youre in the cooking niche, then the graphics would be different for that type of skin.

You also want to look for an affiliate WP theme that doesnt just consider a one-time sale it works to help you gain traction over time. You want a theme with a built in squeeze element, so you can capture your visitors name and email address.

Some of the WordPress themes that you buy will be close to free, while others cost an arm and a leg. Some will sell one license per site, but some make you pay for a multiple site license.

If youre new at working with WP themes, then try to find one that offers a WYSIWYG capability. That stands for What You See Is What You Get. This means you wont be burdened with harrowing technical code. Youll simply use templates and edit it to look however you want.

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